Grief Coaching

My education is in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am licensed as a Professional Counselor. None of that matters when it comes to working with grief, especially grieving mothers. My most important credential when it comes to helping other people through grief is that I have lost a child. The loss of my child changed me in such profound ways, it was difficult to recognize myself. Because I have been lost in that place that grief takes us too, I can help you find your way back. I will listen. Most importantly I understand without words how devastating the loss is. Unlike everyone else around you, I can sit with you in your pain. I can sit there as long as you like.  I won’t tell you it is time to move on. What I will do is help you find ways to remember your child or loved one. I don’t believe we move on from grief. We find a way to make room for grief in our lives.  I prefer a life coach approach to grief because I believe there is nothing wrong or broken about a grieving mother.

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