Life Coaching

Life Coaching is appropriate for clients, who are struggling with life. Life Coaching clients don’t meet any diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder, but life is not what they want it to be. This type of counseling is for anyone, who wants to avoid a label often associated with mental health counseling.  Life Coaching is not covered by insurance. The techniques used in Life Coaching are more varied, and spiritual in nature.

In our first meeting we will develop goals for your Life Coaching. This is almost always going to include reading materials on your own, and coming together to discuss your progress. We will practice meditation both in session, and on your own. We will engage in healing conversations that include discussions of spiritual topics, and perhaps somatic techniques.  Somatic techniques help orientate you to your body again through the use of the breath, visualization, and connection to spirit.

As you heal, your goals will change, and we will incorporate your new goals into your healing plan.

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